Sunday, April 20, 2014

Seed Starting

We had a nice Easter Sunday here today. The high hit 69 degrees and there wasn't much in the way of any wind, so it felt quite pleasant outside. After returning home from church I decided to start the first of my seeds. Each year I have grown one new variety of Winter Squash. This year I am trying  "Corazon de Chirique" from Baker Creek Seeds. This squash was found in Panama and needs a long growing season. Since I can't easily extend the end of my growing season I need to work on the front side. So, I am trying to get the seed started now and the plants into the ground by early May. This should get me 5+ months before the powdery mildew expoldes in October. I want to grow two plants so I started three peat pots, each plnated with a seed. I also planted 6 smaller peat pots with the sunflower "Gloriosa Polyheaded" from Seeds of Change. This seed is a few years old and Seeds of Change no longer offers this variety. My fingers are crossed that my plants germinate and mature so that I can save some seed this year. The weather forecast is calling for cooler temperatures and rain off on on this week. I have put the seed tray into the warm greenhouse and will keep a close watch on it.

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