Sunday, April 27, 2014

Onion Planting and a Hail Storm

Today I worked in the kitchen garden. I started by filling two of my smaller grow bags with Nature's Best soil. Then I planted one grow bag with my "Camelot" shallot starts and the other grow bag with four starts of "Red Wing" red storage onions. After I finished planting the grow bags, I created a new long, raised bed for the other two varieties of onions plants that I had purchased. After I was done forming the raised bed I took a break and went inside. Within 1/2 an hour a dark cloud appeared and an huge hail storm rained down on the garden.

It hailed so long and hard that the ground turned white. I sat inside, frightened as to what was happening to my newly planted onions and shallots.

After the storm pasted I went outside to have look. As you can see, the grow bag is flooded and the little shallot starts are all knocked over. I am hoping that they are tough and will bounce back within a few days. It would be a heartbreak to loose them, after they were only set out one half hour earlier.

All of the flowerbeds around the house are covered in a blanket of white. These spring green echinacea leaves do look so pretty, holding the white hailstones. 

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