Friday, September 13, 2013

Getting Ready for Show #2

Tonight I staged my blooms for our local dahlia show to be held this weekend.

I actually started picking blooms in the garden Thursday night. I picked two of these beautiful "Embrace". They were perfect, with no bug damage and I was scared to wait even one more day! I placed them in some water and set them in a dark, cool room. Tonight I picked two more so I was able to stage a single entry and a triple. If I had to guess tonight, I would think that my 1-bloom "Embrace" entry would have the best chance of making it to the head table tomorrow.

I staged a total of 20 entries - the most entries that I have ever taken to a show. Eighteen entries were 1-bloom entries and I even managed to stage two 3-bloom entries too!

A pretty "Tioga Autumn" bloom.

I staged until 10:00 PM tonight. I have picked the best that I have and now it's up to the judges. But first, I need to get some sleep!

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Barb said...

They all look like winners to me!