Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rabbit Damage


Today, when I was down in the big garden, I discovered yet another dahlia plant that had been eaten by the rabbits. I am now up to 5 plants that have been ruined by the bunnies this year; one "Red Velvet", one "Lismoore Peggy", one "Stillwater David" and both "Hilltop St. Charles". All of the eaten plants have one thing in common - they are all planted in the front row or the back row of the garden. Thus, they are all next to the lawn. I am so glad that 80% of my dahlias are now tall enough that the rabbits won't be able to do more then chew off a lower leaf. I guess that's another reason I planted 233 dahlias - I do have a few to spare. But it does hurt when the bunny eats both of one variety!


Beth said...

Well that's a bummer! We've seen a lot of British bunnies and were just wondering how you were faring with your bunnies. So weird that some years no damage, and some years they munch your dahlias.

Stacy said...

Awww, that is too bad! I have read a lot in 'blog land' the last couple of months about bunnies damaging flowers and vegetables. I have never had it happen. I hope they leave your dahlias alone.