Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finished! Dahlia Planting Day #13

"Willo Violet" Pom Purple

We went down to the garden tonight after work & dinner. The heat wave is officially over! It did reach 89 today, but the humidity is all gone and that has made a huge difference. The last 5 days have all been 90+ degrees and humid, so we chose not to do any planting the last 2 days. I would have finished up planting my dahlias on July 1st but it was just too miserable to work that hard! It was enough just keeping everything watered.

So we planted the last 8 dahlias tonight, for a grand total of 233. I have some empty spots this year in the garden. 19 of the 252 tubers that I started in the pots never came up for one reason or another. That's alright. 233 will feel like plenty when I am digging them up this November! Now all I need to do in this garden is to plant my flower rows, pickup all of the empty pots, bring down the bench, and mow. And then it will be time to start topping and tying up the dahlias!


Anonymous said...

Great job Lexa and her Dad

Stacy said...

I am in awe of your dahlia garden. The most I can ever hope for is a couple of raised beds and a little spot next to the driveway. I really can't wait to see your dahlias in bloom.