Sunday, July 21, 2013

Harvest Weekend

It was a weekend of harvesting alliums! For my dinner Saturday night, I ending up pulling my first two "Camelot" shallots and my first "Candy" sweet onion. The "Camelot" shallots certainly do have a beautiful red/purple skin. 

Today I trimmed and cleaned the "Russian Red" garlic that had been drying on the rack in the shop. Boy these are big bulbs! I planted 15 cloves back on November 3rd and today I harvested 16 bulbs. The total "Red Russian" harvest came in at 6 lbs. 12.32 oz. ! The largest bulb was 8.28 oz and the smallest was still 5.44 oz. The average bulbs size was 6.77 oz. As I did last year, I will save the largest bulb for my cloves to plant this Fall. "Russian Red" has been described as having a very unique, complex flavor so I am excited to start using it in the kitchen.

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