Thursday, June 27, 2013

Planting - Day #9

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday we were transitioning out of our rainy spell and it was a comfortable 72 degrees. Today was the beginning of a heat wave that is arriving from the Southwest. We hit 85 degrees but it was also incredibly humid. The weather person on tonight's news said we had 90% humidity! We just don't do that here! None the less, is was time to get back to dahlia planting. The rain had delayed my work for three days now and I really want to get done this month if it is at all possible. Dad had picked up two yards of Nature's Best yesterday. Tonight we drove it down and unloaded it in the big garden. The perfect job of a hot, steamy night! When we finished, we planted 8 more dahlias. So now I have 150 of 233 planted - 67%!

It was amazing to come back to the garden after being away for only 3 days. There is something about a rainfall that a garden hose just can not replicate. All of my dahlias now have lush, dark green, new growth since the rain came. They also grew a noticeable amount in those three short days. There's magic in the rain!

Below, two plants of "April Dawn" a B sized Informal Decorative in a light blend of purple and white.

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