Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Off And Running

Today was overcast and cool once again. This is suppose to be our last day of rain & cooler temps before high pressure moves in and we shoot up to the 90's. That's going to be a shock to the plants and to this gardener! I was able to walk around the house tonight and admire everything. When I got to the kitchen garden I noticed that this "Butternut" Winter Squash was escaping from it's remay tunnel. I had been meaning to remove the tunnel for the last week. So tonight I went in and freed the squash!

As you can see, my two plants that I stared from seed are doing great. They are just at the point where the plants have gotten so big they have tipped over. Now the vines begin to crawl and grow like crazy. We are off and running in the squash patch.

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