Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot! Planting, Day #12

"David Lam" Collerette, Dark Red

I made myself get up early this morning. I knew that it was suppose to be hot and I wanted to get as much done in the "cool" of the morning as possible. Dad and I watered everything on the back patio and then went down to the garden. I dug and planted my first 8 dahlias. They were all located in the shade and it wasn't too bad. But the next 8 holes that I dug were in the sun. By the time I finished digging I wasn't feeling very good. A little light headed and tipsy. I called it a morning - we could plant those dahlias tonight.We came back to the big garden after dinner. I planted the 8 dahlias that I already had holes for and then dug and planted another 11. So, today I ended up planting 27 dahlias for a total of 225 - 97%. I am so close to being done but I just couldn't  finish tonight. It hit 95 degrees today and the humidity is just awful! I came so close to getting all my dahlias planted by July 1st. But no complaints from me that I need one more day of planting. I clearly remember that I wasn't able to even start planting until July 10th last year.

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