Saturday, February 2, 2013

One Step Forward, One Step Back

Today was one of those days! I had two projects in mind when I woke up. I wanted to get my last daffodils out of the refrigerator and into the ground. Then I wanted to get some long overdue mowing completed. I started by pulling my three packets of "Holland Sensation" daffodils out of the vegetable bin in the garage refrigerator. I had decided that I wanted to plant them down by the red-bark maple. Dad agreed to help and we pulled out all of the equipment that we needed and loaded it all into the pickup truck. Once I got to the site, I started to unpackage the bulbs..and that's when trouble arrived. As I lifted the bulbs out of the netting I realized that they were very dry and almost completly weightless. It was true of all of the bulbs from all three packages. I decided that it just wasn't worth all of the planting work if the bulbs weren't 100% guaranteed to flourish. So, we loaded everything back into the pickup and returned to the house.

I knew there was a small chance that some of the bulbs might be ok. So I decided to plant them in a large pot. That way, if they all failed I could easily dump them out later this Spring. If they thrived and grew, I could easily empty the pot this Fall and then plant them permanently in the ground. So with fingers crossed, I got them all planted and will await the results. After finishing that project, I asked Dad to start the lawn mower for me. On his first tug of the starting cord, the line snapped in two! So, off the repair shop for the mower. Some days the cards are just stacked against you!

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icebear said...

I've had days and weeks like this :(