Saturday, February 9, 2013

Daffodil Update

Today I took a hike around and thought that I would check in on the daffodils. I started down by the road. We have two huge clumps of "Passionale" planted just outside the gate, underneath a large oak tree. The ground was covered with a deep carpet of oak leaves. I brought along a hand rake and pulled back the leaves. Voila! The "Passionale" daffs are just coming up

Heading back toward the house, we have a group of "February Gold". As their name implies, these are an early blooming daffodil - though they never bloom in February here. I counted 13 buds. We should have a nice little show here in a few weeks.

At the edge of the next meadow we have one clump of "Golden Ducet". These daffodils have a funny growth habit. They are always one of the first daffodils to appear each year. But then they seem to grow very slowly and are always one of the last daffodils to bloom each year

Even thought they already have buds formed, I expect that they wouldn't bloom until sometime in late March or early April.

The last daffodils that I checked on were the two varieties that I planted in the house flowerbeds on January 6th. There is still no sign yet of the "Jamestown" daffodils. But I am please to say that the first two "Topolino" bulbs have just started to come up! I hope that this means that the rest of the bulbs aren't too far behind.

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