Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Sunny Sunday for Some Clean-up

A beautiful sunny Sunday. That's two in a row. It makes the rainy, grey weeks much more bearable when you get a sunny weekend day out of the deal. I started today by going down to the big garden and filling up my bird feeder. I had customers waiting for me in the forest. By the time I had the feeder filled and raised there were chickadees already landing on it to feed.

Back at the house Beth and I decided to attack the mudroom flowerbed. I had already weeded about 20% of it a few weeks back. We set to work weeding and cutting back the perennials. Since it was a sunny day, we had cat help too! With both of us working it really didn't take too long to finish up. The bed looks much better. It's funny to know that by late Summer the plants will have grown so much that it will be difficult to see the soil anywhere.

Once we cut back all of the dead wood and old branches, there were lots of signs of new growth.

 The first "Tete-a-tete" bloom also opened in today's sunny warmth.

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