Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finally, some snow!

Last night, it started snowing, but not sticking, as I drove home from work. Around 6:30 PM it started sticking and we received maybe 1/2 inch. It was just enough to start turning everything white. The weather forecast called for the possibility of 1-4" of snow on the valley floor and up to 12" above 500 feet - our part of the world - in the next 24 hours. But time has taught me to not get too excited about the forecasts. It is just too hard to predict snow in our region. Truthfully, we often get the best snowfall totals when no snow has been predicted at all. At dawn today, all the schools were cancelled and we were ready for the storm!

Sadly, we only received about an inch more this morning. But it was enough that everything looked beautiful as it only can in after a fresh snowfall.

Not everyone was as excited as I was about the snow! Solomon, a indoor-only house cat, wasn't quite sure what to make of that white stuff.

His father, an indoor & outdoor cat, left some nice cat prints on the sidewalk.

The poor daffodils that we planted in the front floor bed got buried up the their necks. Luckily, this doesn't seem to bother them in the least bit. As spring bulbs, they seem prepared to take whatever Mother Nature might deliver.

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Robin said...

The snow looks pretty. We have had so much snow here this winter that I would not be pleased to see any more.

Great pic of Solomon.