Monday, August 30, 2010

The Rains Return

I woke up sometime after midnight and heard rain falling on the roof. When the alarm went off this morning it was raining even harder. Showers had been forecast but we received a strong Summer rain storm. It finally let up mid-morning. We checked the rain-gauge and it had just over 6/10th of an inch in it. Since it has been almost 2 months since our last measurable rain, this storm was welcome. It will do a world of good for the parched earth and everything growing in it. I have also noticed over the years that no matter how steady I water my garden during the Summer, the rain from a storm always has a special magic to it that can't be matched by hand watering. Within a week the plants look greener, fuller and just plain happier. It happens every time! So while I will be truly sick of the rain come February, today's rain was not only welcomed but enjoyed!

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Dan@retrooregon,com said...

How true that all is! When I checked in the afternoon, the ground was still dry here! Uhg!