Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Blooms

More dahlias are blooming for the first time every day. This morning I discovered that "Tahoma Eldean" had opened its very first bloom. This is another "new" one for me this year. It is a single that starts with dark pink and then blends to white and then yellow in the center. Stunning!

I had three Poms open for the first time. Above, "Pacific Revival", a pom in lavender.

"Lismoore Peggy" a pom in pink. New to my garden this year. I like it!

"Bowen" pom in white. A very reliable bloomer, though it sometimes has some purple specks in its white petals.

"Purple Sparkler" a collarette form in a dark blend of purple and white. Unfortunately, a bug found this bloom before I did. Thankfully, there will be many more blooms to come.

And, no this one isn't open yet! But I really thought that its bud looked pretty at this stage. So much potential ! This is "Ryecroft Zoe" which will open to a 4-6" bloom in orange & yellow.

While the majority of dahlias still haven't opened a bloom yet, they are all starting to really branch out. I have been pinching out the center tip on most plants, encouraging earlier branching and flushes of bloom. It seems to be working well. Pictured above are two plants of "Camano Sitka".


icebear said...

I love dahlias.. But the few times i have tried them i found i didn't find the time to lift the roots for winter and the time i did, i didn't store them right i guess cause they didn't make it to spring. I'll try again soon.

I really like the colors of the first one and the Poms are very cool looking!

Xencindy said...

Tahoma Eldean was named after my mother. That's a great picture!