Monday, June 26, 2017

Dahlia Planting - Day #8

"Ruthie G"   WL LB PK/YL

A much different evening down in the garden with the high only hitting 73 today. It felt cool tonight while we were working. And a few times, when a breeze came through, it felt downright cold! What a difference 2 days makes! We started the night by taking down part of the rabbit fencing and off-loading another two yards of Nature's Best. Dad had picked it up earlier in the day while I was at work. Then we got back to planting. We were able to get another 16 dahlias planted tonight. It was 9:00 PM by the time we got the fencing put back in place and were headed home. I now have 144/242 dahlias in, or 59.5% completed.

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