Sunday, February 26, 2017

Spinach Germination on a Snowy Morning

This morning we woke up to snow. It wasn't cold enough for the snow to stick, but the air was full of white, fluffy flakes. It lasted until about 10 AM and then we just had off and on again rain, with a few sun breaks.

I took advantage of a break in the weather to lift up the remay cover and check on my bed of spinach. It had been two weeks since I planted the bed and I was anxious to see if anything had yet germinated. I was so happy to see rows of little green spinach plants in half of the bed!

I planted the right side of the bed with 4 rows of "Gazelle". I have 25 plants up today and they look good. I can also see a few more just breaking through the soil, so I am confident that they haven't all sprouted. On the right side of the bed I have 4 rows of "Abundant Bloomsdale". At this point, I only have 3 plants that have germinated. I am hoping this is just a variety that takes a bit longer. The weather certainly hasn't been conducive to great germination, even for cold tolerant spinach. So I will sit back and wait, hoping that next week's look under the remay finds more germination in the spinach bed.

A young plant of "Abundant Bloomsdale".

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