Sunday, February 12, 2017

Planting the Spinach

Another mild day. Unfortunately we didn't get the extended sunny breaks that we saw yesterday but it was still a nice, overcast, 45 degree day outside. I decided it was also the perfect day to officially kick off the 2017 gardening season. Spinach planting day! Last year on the 14th of February - this exact weekend - I direct seeded lettuce and spinach seed. I had never done it this early but the weather was so mild, I decided to give a try. My experiment paid off and I was harvesting greens by April 11th.

While this Winter has been much colder and wetter than last year, February has brought the return of milder temperatures. So I have decided to repeat last year's experiment. I began the day, with Dad's assistance, by hauling three loads of Natures Best to the Kitchen Garden and building 3 raised beds. Then I got out my seed stash and planted one bed with Spinach. I seeded half the bed with "Gazelle" a smooth leaf variety, and the other half with "Abundant Bloomsdale" a savoyed leaf variety. I planted 4 rows of each in the bed and then covered the bed with a hoop and remay fabric. I hope to direct seed the other two beds with lettuce over the next few weeks. I would like it to warm up, and dry out, just a little more. For now its time to just sit back and see if the Spinach germinates. We are off and running!

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