Saturday, January 7, 2017

Winter Storm Iras

As predicted, Winter Storm Iras rolled into town early this morning. This storm started down in Douglas County and moved northward, bringing both freezing rain and snow. We started the day with freezing rain but thankfully not too much. Then around 10 AM, the snow moved in. The weather service reports we received 4.5" and then it turned back into freezing rain.

By this evening, all of the snow is now covered in a light crust of ice. The low is suppose to be 25 tonight and the Winter Storm Warning has now been extended until 6 AM Sunday. Sigh. I am really getting tired of freezing rain and ice, and it's only January 7th! At least it made for a lovely view tonight on my walk around at dusk. All of the Christmas lights glowed against the backdrop of whites and grays.

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