Saturday, January 21, 2017

Early Sensation Daffodils

In a normal year, I try to make it down to the big bird feeder and check on the "Early Sensation" daffodils sometime between Christmas and New Years. But this year, with all of the ice and snow storms, the daffodils were the last thing on my mind. Now that the snow has melted, and life has returned to normal once again, I suddenly remembered I hadn't yet checked on this early season daffodil. Not surprisingly, when I walked down to the area where they grow, I found that they were not only up, but were a good 6" high! I was please to find only one small branch lying on this group, as well as a bunch of small fir tree tips. I quickly cleaned up the storm debris and straightened up the few bent leaves. Depending on the weather we see in the next few weeks, I expect this group will be in full bloom by mid-February at the latest. Spring is on the way!

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