Wednesday, July 13, 2016

First Dahlia Bloom of the Year

Today was banner day in the Big Garden; the first dahlia of 2016 is in full boom! Unfortunately, the bloom isn't of very good quality. It's a "Blyton's Softer Gleam" and the color is really all over the place. It is listed as light blend of orange and yellow. This poor guy is orange with one big patch of yellow! It's not unusual for dahlias blooms to have some variance in color. They are greatly affected by temperature swings. I am sure the next bloom or two on this plant will more accurately reflect the true light blend of orange and yellow. But is is still exciting to know that with this first bloom of the year open, that the dahlias season has officially begun in earnest.

I am so pleased with the way the dahlia garden looks right now. I have been working down here for an hour two after dinner each night, weeding, tying, and dis-budding. While I still have some weeding to finish up down in the cut flower rows, the majority of the garden looks great.

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