Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Mystery Pepper Plant

Early this Spring, at the Lane County Farmer's Market, I purchased two small pepper plants. The first was a "Gypsy", which I have grown before. The second plant was a "Padron". I was especially excited to find this variety for sale and try to grow it myself.  I first saw "Padron" peppers at the Portland Farmer's Market four years ago. Every vendor had them it seemed and all of the shoppers were raving about their taste. Since then, they have only gotten more popular and are know being sold here in Lane County at many booths.

So, I bought my plant and waited and watched. As the first peppers started to develop, I knew something was amiss. "Padron" peppers are short, round, green peppers and my plant was producing 4" bulls-horn shaped purple peppers! Yesterday I harvested one of the peppers and took it to the market to show the farmer from whom I had purchased the plant. I was guessing that a tag had been switched and he would be able to easily tell me what variety I now had. But when I told him the story and showed him the pepper, he was as confused as I was. He explained that he didn't grow any peppers this year that would look like that. So either the "Padron" had thrown a start - not likely in my opinion - or his supplier had slipped in a seed or two of a mystery variety. Much more likely I think. So now I am no closer to learning the true identity of  my pepper. I am going to take the harvested pepper to work on Monday and have a brave volunteer taste it for me. Then I will at least know if I have a sweet pepper or a hot pepper. Either way, this plant has done really well for me. It has 8 ripe peppers on it currently, and the top is covered with small green peppers that have just begun to grow. I would highly recommend this variety - if only I knew what it was!

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Mindy said...

Wow, whatever it is, it's prolific and gorgeous!