Saturday, August 8, 2015

Early August at the Farmer's Market

Today we went to the Lane County Farmer's Market. It had been many weeks since my last visit and as always, there was a lot of new things to see and taste. Right off the bat I found something new to me; "Key Lime" Cucumbers. They were described as almost seedless and never bitter.

It is definitely garlic season at the Market. There were lots of interesting varieties for sale, but happily I have my own bulbs from my garden at home, ready to use.

Fresh peppers were everywhere. These "Jalapeno" were just asking to be taken home and turned into poppers.

Fresh Corn has arrived at the Market! We bought two ears to take home. There is nothing that can compare to the taste of just-picked corn.

Summer squash is at peak harvest right now. All the stands were full of fun shapes and varieties.

This stall had vases full of freshly cut dill. It made me think of dilly beans and canning.

A bountiful basket full of "Gypsy" sweet peppers. I was pleased to see that the peppers on my plant were just a bit smaller than these professionally grown ones.

Ripe melon are just beginning to appear at the Market. This stall had a beautiful display of the french variety "Charentais". I purchased one for my Dad to try.

In all of the years that I have been coming to this Farmer's Market, I have never seen cactus paddles for sale. I hope some adventurous cooks purchased a few.

An impressive stack of "Golden" beets.

This was also the fist time I have seen pickling cucumbers for sale this year. This was the same stand where I purchased mine last year when I canned my bread and butter cucumbers. It's time to be thinking about that once again!

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Mindy said...

Those beets are beautiful. We had melons at our market for the first time today. And we brought home five ears of corn that we just ate for dinner. Deeeeelicious.