Monday, June 1, 2015


Last night, as predicted, a major storm moved through the area. The western sky started illuminating with sheets of lightning around 9:30 PM. Then, by 10:30 PM we has a non-stop show of sheet lightning, bolt lightning, and lots of rumbling thunder. Around 11:30 the rain came in a torrential downpour. Typically, in Oregon, when the rain arrives during an electrical storm, the thunder and lightning conclude. But not this time! It poured for another 45 minutes and the lightning and thunder just grew louder. Finally, around midnight, the storm pasted directly overhead. The house shook with two separate, loud thunder claps. The storm moved on and the rain let up around 12:30 PM and finally sleep was possible. We have experience some more substantial rain, off and on, throughout today. Our final rain tally was 7/10" last night and another 3/10" today. As these storm clouds leave the valley tonight, the sun is breaking out and we are being rewarded with a perfect rainbow.


Barb said...

What a beautiful rainbow. You are lucky down there. We need rain so badly but just sun and heat up here!

Mindy said...