Thursday, July 3, 2014

Planting Day #10

A little bit cooler today. It only hit a high of 76 degrees so it made for very pleasant working conditions down in the garden. We actually started working right when I got home from work. We began by loading up the pickup truck with all of the rest of the potted tubers and hauling them down to the big garden. Once we had unloaded all of them, we took the time and watered everything in the garden.

After that was complete we started digging holes and planting dahlias. We got another 16 planted tonight, for a grand total of 182 now in the ground. I basically have 4 rows left to complete, plus a few odds-and-ends. Pictured above, two "Colwood Hope" and below, two " Alpen Pearl". Once we got back up to the house, we had a late dinner outside. Just simple sandwiches but it was perfect. There we no flies or yellow jackets to be seen and the temperature was such that it was completely comfortable to be sitting out in the evening sun. A dinner to remember.

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