Sunday, July 20, 2014

Filling the Flower Beds

Friday a truck from Lane Forest Products delivered this lovely, large pile of compost to the house.
After waiting out some early morning heavy mist and showers, Dad and I began filling and topping off all of our flowerbeds with Nature's Best compost this afternoon. 

It was slow, but rewarding work. In some areas we were able to use the tractor and dump a whole pile of compost. But in many other areas, we used 5 gallon buckets to carry and dump the compost. This allowed us to get in between plants and other tight areas but made for much slower progress. One area that really needed some work was the back of the beds.They were sunken and really needed quite a bit of compost to get them level with the front.

We also dug up quite a few plants and bulbs and then replanted them in better locations once each area was filled. We also now have a lot of room to add new plants. We were especially glad to finally get the maple tree out of its large pot and planted properly in the ground.

We were really pleased with the site we picked for it once it was planted. It looks like it belongs there and  adds some nice height to the flowerbed. It's near the bird feeders still, so the birds can continue to use it as a safe landing. We worked for just over 2 hours and called it quits for the day. There's still lots more beds to fill - and lots more compost left in the pile. But today's works really looks nice.

As I was laying outside with the cats tonight, this cloud formation caught my eye.

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Mindy said...

Don't you love how fresh spread compost looks? I just put 1/2 yard down in our parking strip last weekend and it looks so purdy.
Love the maple. Someday, all my little potted trees will have a yard big enough to roam in. :)