Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week #2 of Digging Tubers & Mowing

Today I dug another two rows of dahlia tubers; 4 rows up and 14 more to go! It was another warm, sunny day to dig. I could get use to this! The ground is finally drying out from the deluge of late September. Before I cut down the next four rows that I will dig up, I took some time to take pictures and cut some last bouquets from these varieties.

"Embrace" a BB Semi-cactus in Yellow

"Ms Kennedy" a Miniature Ball in Orange

Four plants of "Cornel" a red Ball

"Raeann's Peach" the coloration on this Single dahlia is getting a little strange as the season draws to a close.

"Red Velvet" a Waterlily form in red

I placed all of my cut blooms into a container to take back to the house.

I thought it created one last beautiful, autumnal display.

After I finished down in the big garden, I worked on mowing the bank across from the house. It is always a lot of work and I still have much to do. But even mowing this first section feels good. It looks so much nicer now and it is much easier for Tom-cat to explore! That's what really matters.

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