Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Garden Marigolds

Back on July 6th, I finally got my poor marigold starts planted down in the big garden. I planted the seeds for both "Frances' Choice" & "Red Metamorph" on April 28th and they sat in their tiny 1" cells for over two months. I wasn't sure if they would ever amount to anything. For the longest time they just sat there, seemingly not growing one bit. But while I was gone for 12 days in early August, the plants really took off. They are now almost a foot tall and this week I discovered that many have set their first bloom! While neither variety stands a chance to reach its "typical" height - "Frances' Choice" is suppose to be 4-5' tall and "Red Metamorph" 2-3' tall - I do think that they are going to be nice little plants this year since we still have over a month yet until any chance of frost.

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