Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting Ready for the First Show

 Tonight after work,  I went down to the big garden and slowly walked through all of my dahlia plants. Tomorrow is the Portland Dahlia Society Annual Show and I was looking for perfection! Having been in England for 12 days earlier this month, my dahlias didn't receive all of the grooming that they should have for a spell of about three weeks. I still managed to find 7 good looking candidates and brought them up to the house.

I staged six single entries and one triple entry. Portland's Flower of the Year is "Lakeview Glow". I am growing five plants of that variety and was able to pick four good looking blooms. I staged both a single and a triple entry. My triples aren't perfectly matched but I am still pleased because I haven't ever been able to enter the Flower of the Year category at a dahlia show before. And for this show I can enter both classes. I also have a pretty good looking "Kelsey Kristie". I think my best shot for the head table is my "Tahoma Alicia" bloom, but time will tell. Next to our show, the Portland has the toughest competition in Oregon.

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