Sunday, December 2, 2012

Excitement in the Garlic Bed

We recently had a big rain storm move through the area. It was accompanied by some very high winds. As I was walking around the house today, I noticed that the remay fabric had blown off most of the metal hoops over the garlic bed. As I set in to adjust the fabric back over the hoops some green caught my eye - the garlic is up!

The "Russian Red" that I bought in Maine has really sprouted. It is 3-4 inches tall already. I think it has really liked out mild Winter weather in Oregon and thinks it might be Spring already! The shoots all look healthy and strong.

I was especially thrilled to see that the "Chesnook Red" garlic has also started to come up.The cloves were a little bit dehydrated when I planted them so I was unsure of their viability. Of the 10 cloves that I planted, 9 have sprouted. Most have just broken through the soil, so there is still hope that number 10 will come up too. Things are looking good!

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