Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Brand New Season Begins at the Farmer's Market

Today marked the official "kick-off" of the Lane County Farmer's Market for the year. The market has actually been running throughout the Winter, but with shortened hours and limited vendors. But today the market was in full swing. Most, if not all of the regular vendors were there, with some exciting new vendors in the mix as well. Since I had plans in the early afternoon, we actually arrived at the market right after it opened at 9 AM.

Since it is the Easter weekend this pile of colorful radish reminded me of Easter eggs.

And how pretty are these bundles of Swiss Chard?

Quite a few vendors were selling baby, white turnips.

Earth's Rising Farm out of Corvallis had a booth offering end of season bargains on bare-root fruit trees. As you can imagine, they were doing a brisk business. I signed up to be on next year's mailing list.

Camas County Mill had a super selection of locally grown and milled grains.

There were daffodils for sale by the glorious, golden yellow bucket-full.

And some pretty potted hyacinth to take home for your Easter display.

I also admired these pretty, little hot-pink rock garden bulbs.

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Mindy said...

Ooooh, I can hardly wait until ours opens!!!
That chard is GORGEOUS! The radishes too. And I'm pretty sure one of those hyacinth would have come home with me.
Do you know the name of the last bulb? My sister got me one a hundred years ago and it comes back every year. It's so sweet and I always look forward to it.