Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday at the Market..and some Sunshine!

After 8+ days of rainy weather and grey skies, we awoke today to sunshine! I was especially thankful for the nice weather because I hadn't made it to the Saturday Farmer's Market for the last few weeks. Upon arrival it quickly became clear that it was now Squash Time! I absolutely fell in love with this display at the Sweet Leaf Farm stall. A gorgeous mountain of Winter Squash.

And here is a close-up!

I was also smitten with these sweet baskets. A clever vendor had planted individual wicker baskets with assorted Fall annuals & perennials. They were so pretty and it was such a fun idea.

Besides Winter Squash, it was also Pepper season. Every stall had baskets upon baskets filled with all sorts of varieties.The air even smelled of peppers because one stall was roasting them on-site. The smell is quite strong and unique, but I like it. My sister does not!

A lovely pile of bell peppers.

There were also a couple of stands selling bulbs and we couldn't walk by those! I ended up buying 12 bulbs of daffodil "Las Vegas". It is a large, early bloomer that has white petals and a vivid yellow trumpet. It was hard to choose with all of the varieties offered.

And one more shot of Winter Squash! Below is a beautiful little squash called "Carnival". I just love it's mottled skin splotched in greens, yellows and oranges.


Robin said...

What a nice Farmer's Market! The pictures are just beautiful!

Barbara said...

Lexa - A lovely day @ the Farmers' Market. Hope you get your bulbs planted soon...and then you can help your Mother!