Monday, November 1, 2010

November arrives

Well, the calendar says today is November 1st, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature. It was amazingly mild out today. We had large patches of blue sky and the high hit 69 degrees. Amazing. I spent most of my work day wishing that I was home getting outside projects completed in such perfect Fall weather. Yesterday I did manage to grab my camera and take some picture of the beautiful trees. While Oregon can't match New England's color show, we do have some nice spots here and there. The golden colored Maple tree, pictured above, is on a neighbors property. It was a volunteer seedling. Once they saw the Fall color it displayed they knew they couldn't chop the tree down. So now we all get to enjoy it as we drive by each day.

This flame red tree is in the parking lot at South Eugene High School. Their whole parking lot is planted with trees and shrubs that are putting on quite a lovely show.

Here's a yellow maple planted in one of the "meadows" on our property.

And the Sweet Gums are just reaching peak color too.


Melinda said...

Beautiful! We've had the same amazing fall weather here. What a blessing! I want to soak it all up for the long winter ahead!

Charlene said...

Here in the deep south, we generally go from green almost straight to brown. Love these colors!

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

Yes, I really enjoyed that wonderful weather we had last week. However, I'm freezing in my fleece today! :-)