Saturday, October 23, 2010

October Color in the Garden & All Around

I took a walk around the property today. It was was a grey, overcast day in Oregon but I was out to capture the Fall color. The first thing that caught my eye was this Big Leaf Maple. Its yellow color really stood out against the steel grey sky. 

The leaves on the Sweet Gums are about 2/3 changed in color. It will still be a while before they have all changed to crimson and the trees are at "peak color".

One of the two yellow leaved maples that we planted, glowing in the forest.

The damp leaves of Vine Maple.

My garden has sprouted weeds badly now, but the dahlias are still blooming away.

I was able to pick 2 large bunches of blooms to make into bouquets at home.

And last, some wild berries hanging from a vine entangled in a small Douglas Fir.

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