Monday, October 11, 2010

Look who's finally ripening!

I must admit that I have been ignoring my vegetable bed lately. What with a busy weekly schedule and a very rainy weekend, I bet it has been a full week since I walked through the bed and really took note of what was happening. Tonight I finally made it over there and to my surprise - and delight - noticed red emanating from the "Rose" tomato plant. As you might remember, "Rose" was my last tomato to begin setting fruit. Once it finally got going it has produced pounds and pounds of tomatoes. And these big, rippled beauties have remained green all through September and into the first week of October. So it was a thrill to see some red on the vines and realize, with the sunny forecast for the upcoming week, that I may yet harvest some ripe tomatoes from this enormous plant.

In the above picture, look at the tomato on the right, all the way in the back. Yes, that is the "Rose" plant. It is actually taller than it looks, but the recent rains have knocked its highest branches downward. It was over six feet tall and still growing. This picture was taken on September 29th and you can see clearly that there was not any red to be found on the tomatoes at that point.

I am also getting some really nice ripening on the "Seattle's Best" tomatoes. They are about 1 1/2" inches in diameter and are growing in clusters of six to a truss.

And I can't leave out the "Momotaro". They have really started to come on strong too in the last week. I am excited to get them in the hands of my tomato testers and see what they think of this new-to-me variety.


thyme2garden said...

It may be getting late in the season, but your tomatoes are ripening up fabulously!

Matron said...

There's always a rush to get the first ripe tomato in Spring, but it is equally important to have a variety that takes you through to Autumn and extends the season.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear about your tomato tasting -- they all look great! Mine were mostly "black" varieties, and I had small sizes and all the drama of splitting, end rot, etc. But the taste was good. Black Krim was particularly flavorful.

Linda said...

Wow...great looking tomatoes...I still have 3 plants in the yard but the toamtoes are getting smaller as the days get shorter.