Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Erythronium Time!

We are now experiencing peak bloom this year for Erythronium - or Lamb's Tongue as they are more commonly called. These beautiful little members of the lily family are found most profusely in dappled shade, though the double specimen shown pictured left is growing on a bank in almost full sun. Many of the lamb's tongue on our property fall victim to the appetites of deer before they reach peak bloom. But a few of our neighbors have amazing drifts of hundreds of plants. Last Sunday I took a walk and captured the pictures below. Enjoy!


Robin said...

Do they also go by the name Fawn Lily? I'm lucky enough to have one of these in my suburban back yard and I just love it! Thanks for the day brightening pictures!

Lexa said...

Yes Robin, another common name is Fawn Lily, or Giant Fawn Lily. Thanks so much for stopping by!