Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cousin Jack's Pasty Company

This morning at the Lane County Farmer's Market, I had the pleasure of discovering a new-to-me local food vendor. The company is called Cousin Jack's Pasty Company and they were founded just over a year ago. I first spied them at the Holiday Farmer's Market in December, but somehow never made it over to their booth. Lucky for me, I did today! I tried their Leek & Onion Pasty, filled with organic & locally sourced leeks, potatoes, onions, turnips & cheese. Delicious. I could have easily had two! After coming home I had a chance to read a bit more about Cousin Jack's on their web-site. Their philosophy:

"Together, our family believes that the freshest, tastiest ingredients are those that travel the least. That's why we've packed this international favorite with the finest locally-produced ingredients. We're committed to sourcing from local ranchers and farmers. " And they mean it. All the meats and vegetables in the pastys come from Lane & Linn counties. The cheese from Tillimook and the butter from Yamhill.

Currently the pastys come in 9 different "flavors" :
*Broccoli & Cheese          *Cheeseburger
*Harvest Vegetable           *Pesto Lamb
*Wild Mushroom              *Steak & Ale
*Leek & Onion                 *Smoked Salmon
*Egg & Sausage

Their company headquarters is at 1333 W. 2nd. Alley in Eugene. But, if you can't make it to the Farmers Market, you can buy their products frozen at many local stores including The Kiva, Market of Choice and Capella Market. Equally exciting I think,  is that you can buy the pastys hot and ready to eat at all Dari Marts. Imagine, healthy local food at a convenience store- way to go!


symphonious sweets said...

I saw them at the market today and now I wish I had tried on of their pasty's.

Lexa said...

Try one next week- you won't be sorry! They are wonderful. I am looking forward to trying the many different flavors over the weeks to come. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!