Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last Day of the Farmer's Market 2009

Today was the last day for 2009 of the outdoor Lane County Farmer's Market. Next Saturday it moves inside the Fairgrounds for the Holidays. For the middle of November, the weather couldn't have been nicer. Clear , sunny but briskly cold. Beth and I ran into Aunt Jayne which was a pleasant surprise. We all had our market baskets and warm jackets on!

The produce mostly reflected the season. Lots of squash, onions, shallots, and brassicas. Leaks were plentiful at most booths but these were the largest to be found.

A popular vendor the last few weeks had been the Rain Forest Mushroom Company out of Eddyville. They were busy selling bags and bags of Chanterelle, Oyster and Lion's Mane Mushrooms.

Nothing says Fall in Oregon like fresh apple cider. We saw many folks walking around, doing their shopping, with a glass of hot cider in their hand.

As I prepare for the upcoming Dark Days Challenge, I stopped at Sweet Briar Farms and stocked up on local bacon, sausage and eggs. It sounds like a breakfast is in my future!

As we were walking the aisles, I spied this huge Hubbard Squash back behind a stall. It's difficult to tell in the picture but I bet it was over 25 pounds. Beth joked you could cook it instead of a turkey at Thanksgiving.

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