Friday, November 27, 2009

The Dark Days Challenge - Week #2

For week #2 of the Dark Days Challenge, "Breakfast for Dinner" was theme. A trip to the last outdoor Farmers Market of the year, a stop at the store, and preserves from the pantry provided everything we needed for a quick and tasty dinner. The menu consisted of eggs ( scrambled or poached) with a sprinkle of cheese on top, bacon, home-fries with onion, and toast with butter and jam. I particularly loved looking at the egg carton with its mix of tan, brown and blue eggs. Beautiful, unique eggs from happy girls.

Eggs - 3 Miles/ Sweet Briar Farm
Bacon - 3 Miles/ Sweet Briar Farms
Fingerling Potatoes - 13 Miles/ Groundworks Organics
Yellow Onion - 13 Miles/ Groundworks Organics
Wheat Bread - 27 Miles/Cottage Grove Farmhouse Bakery
Milk- 13 Miles/ Lochmead Dairy
Tillamook Cheddar - 102 Miles/ Tillamook Cheese
Butter- 102 Miles/ Tillamook County Creamery
Blackberry Jam- O Miles
Exceptions: Oil, Salt, Pepper

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lexa,

Thrilled to have another Eugene local food blogger around these parts! That's my lovely neighbor in your most recent dahlia society photo. Am looking forward to reading more of your Dark Days (and other) offerings.

Eugenia, Culinaria Eugenius