Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harvest Day

After starting seeds in May and planting out the seedlings in early June, it was time today to harvest the Winter Squash. After an amazing Summer of hot days and warm nights, the forcast is finally calling for showers tuesday and much cooler temperatures afterwards. I wanted to get all the squash under cover where they could begin curing before they had the chance to get wet.
When I was all done I was shocked at the final count ; 26 "Delicata" , 7 "Buttercup", and 4 "Butternut". I knew that I didn't have many "Butternut", in part because that was the one variety that I had to buy starts and replant. I think they just never fully recovered from the late start. But boy did the other two make up for it! I knew I had alot of "Delicata", but would never have guessed 26 fruit. And the "Buttercup" really surprised me. For such big fruit they were good at hiding. The best surprise was the "Buttercup" in the rose bush. When I got the vines cleared I discoverd not 1 but 2 fruit, stacked on each other. The poor old rose!

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