Monday, July 6, 2009

New Kid on the Block

This weekend it became apparent that my "Red Rose" Tomato was quickly dying. I tried everything I could think of to save it and read all my reference books for help. Nothing worked. Finally I pulled it out before it could infect the other 7 healthy plants. So that meant I had room for something new. Every cloud has a silver lining!

I went to the Farmer's Market Saturday with every intention of buying a big 1-gallon replacement tomato. It was just a matter of finding a variety that interested me. Unfortunately, everything there was either too everyday for me, or something that I already had. Then I turned around to a booth I walk by every week, that specializes in pepper and eggplants. There's an idea! After much reading of tags and contemplation, I took home a "Gypsy" Pepper. And here's why. It is described as " a small red pepper with a very sweet flavor. They can be eaten raw, cooked, used for dipping or stuffing. The pepper turns from shades of green-orange to scarlet-orange when ripe. Somewhat similar to a Bell Pepper, but much sweeter. The walls are thinner, meaning they are easy to cut, clean, and cook. They also hold their vibrant color when cooked. An All-American winner. Tapered fruit 4 1/2" long by 2 12" wide. Harvest starts 65 days after setting out." How could I not buy it?! Now it is planted and settling in to its new home.

Today was also a milestone in the Winter Squash patch. I had my first blossom open. It was on one of the "Buttercup" plants, which are quickly taking over. The bloom was starting to close, but looked so pretty in the evening sunlight.

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