Monday, July 24, 2017

Music Garlic Harvest and the Last of the Sweet Peas

Yesterday I processed the "Music" garlic that I harvested back on Wednesday. Normally I like to have them cure for a week before I clean the bulbs and store them, but I am leaving on vacation soon and am in a bit of a time crunch.

I am so pleased with this harvest. This is my second year growing this variety. I first purchased my stock at the Common Ground Fair in Maine, in September of 2015. So this is my second year with "Music" and it really performed well. Pictured above, my biggest bulb weighing in at 7.5 oz.

I ended up harvested 17 bulbs. The average bulb size was 6.2 oz. The largest bulb was 7.5 oz. and the smallest came in at a healthy 5.0 oz. My total "Music" harvest for 2017 was 6 lbs. 9.8 oz. In comparison, the 2016 harvest was also 17 bulbs. But the average bulb size was 4.8 oz. and the total harvest was 5 lbs. 1.0 oz.

After cleaning the "Music" bulbs, I dug up my "Chesnook Red" garlic. I am not happy with this variety this year. I know that "Music" produces larger bulbs, but the "Chesnook Red" bulbs look really small. I will wait to process and weight them, but I think it might be time to order some new stock to plant this Fall.

"Wiltshire Ripple"

I also cut what are probably the last 2 sweet pea bouquets of the year. After a cooler May, a wet and cool June, and a cooler July, Summer decided to show up. These 90 degree days the last few days have taken a toll on the 2 sweet pea towers. But what a year they had. They absolutely thrived in the cooler weather. The "Wiltshire Ripple" produced more blooms than any sweet pea variety that I have ever grown. And the Royal Family" Mix did well too, after a tough start becasue of rabbit damage. Until next year.


Eight Gate Farm NH said...

Very impressive garlic harvest. I grew Music last year and my bulbs were nowhere near your size. I'd like to know how the garlic fares over time with a short curing period.

Phuong said...

Those are some beautiful garlic and it looks like you'll be harvesting beans soon. Rust is overtaking our bush bean patch so they'll need to be cleared out soon.

Sue Garrett said...

Our sweet peas are just starting to produce lots of flowers. The ones on the left of your photo are a very interesting colour combination.

Dave @ HappyAcres said...

That Music garlic is impressive! It didn't do that well for me here, nor did Chesnok Red.

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