Monday, May 1, 2017

Greens Harvest #2

The weather has finally shifted in the last two days and Spring feels like it has arrived in Oregon. Yesterday I was able to process my first lettuce harvest of the year. I started with the bed of "Heirloom Cutting Mix" from Renee's Garden. This is at least the third year that I have grown this mix and it is still my favorite. It's a blend of "Speckled Trout's Back", "Blush Butter Cos", "Red Ruffled Oak","Devil's Tongue", and "Sucrine". And since it comes from Renee's Garden, I can always count on a really even mix of all 5 varieties in every planting.

This stunner is a new-to-me varsity from Renee's Garden; "Sea of Red" lettuce. I wish it would have photographed a bit better. It is just a mass of deep, blood red leaves. Really a knock-out in the garden and it looks lovely in the salad bowl too.

I also harvested my first bunch of "Abundant Bloomsdale" spinach. While it is starting to perform well, I don't think this variety is a good fit for me. I haven't ever grown a heavily savoyed leaf spinach before. I discovered today that those pretty, deeply wrinkled leaves are a magnet for both dirt particles and baby slugs. As you can see there was a fair amount of damage before I picked anything. And then I had to spend a lot more time cleaning this variety than any of the other greens that I harvested. But that said, it is growing well and the leaves do look pretty in the salad bowl. So, my final harvest for today was:

  • "Heirloom Cutting Mix" Lettuce; 4.1 oz
  • "Sea of Red" lettuce; 1.1 oz
  • "Abundant Bloomsdale" spinach; 6.1 oz.
  • Total Harvest; 11.3 oz


Julie said...

That's a lovely bowlful of lettuce and spinach!

Dave @ HappyAcres said...

Those are beautiful lettuces, especially that Sea of Red. It is hard to capture a good image sometimes, at least one that really shows how something looks.

~TastyTravels~ said...

Lexa, Great start to your spring garden!! Everything looks beautlful!

Phuong said...

Your lettuce looks so good and mixes look like a great way to get a lot of variety. That's a bummer about the savoy spinach though, slugs are never fun.