Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Our various Muscari planted throughout the flowerbeds are at peak bloom right now. Unfortunately, we have lost the names of most of them but it certainly doesn't stop us from enjoying their beauty.

This one might just be my favorite. It begins as a deep blue at the base of the bloom. The middle section is a pretty medium blue and it is topped by a white crown.

Perfection in such a small little package.

This clump is more of the traditional Grape Hyacinth.

It reliably produces loads of blooms each year.

Here's another favorite of mine. Deep purple on the bottom topped off with lavender at the top. The plant doesn't make a lot of blooms, but even with just four or five blooms a year, it is worth having in your garden.

Now this group certainly doesn't look like the traditional grape hyacinth. Each tube on these big, fat periwinkle blooms are shredded or torn. 

Each bloom looks a little bit like a fireworks explosion.

Here is another "non-Traditional" Muscari. We actually have the tag still next to this clump. It is "Muscari Plumosum".

Another Muscari with a case of bed-head but in a rich plum color. We also have a few other varieties of Muscari planted thought the various flowerbeds. They are early blooming types and have mostly finished up for the season. One of my favorites is pictured below. A simple, pure white Muscari that I purchased a few years ago.

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