Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Sunny Saturday in January

When I awoke this morning, sunshine was streaming through my windows and the sky was already a bright, clear blue. It was definitely a day to get outside and tackle those projects still left on my "do-to" list from the Fall. First up was the clearing of blackberry vines, grass, and other assorted "pucker-brush" from the area pictured above. We hadn't mowed this section for a couple of years so it was getting a bit overgrown. And most importantly, we had planted some free yellow daffodil bulbs - King Alfreds ? - there. Because we were ignoring them, they were thriving and we could hardly see them this last Spring underneath all of the assorted vegetation. Two hours later, after much labor with a string trimmer, lawn mower, and small tractor, we finished! Much better and now we will be able to enjoy the daffodils this coming March.

After finishing our project I walked down by the big bird feeder to check on the "Early Sensation" daffodils. Jackpot! Just last weekend I looked here and nothing had poked up through the earth yet. One week later, with the help of mild temperatures, they are now 2" high. These, our earliest blooming daffodils, should start blooming by the end of the month. A little taste of Spring.

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