Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Beautiful Winter Day - and Signs of Spring

After a storm moving thru the area yesterday, we were treated today with a beautiful, sunny day. By early afternoon the temperatures had risen to the 50's and it was time to get outside! As I walked around the property,even though we are in deep Winter, there were signs everywhere pointing to Springs eventual arrival. Above, is pictured a tip on one of the branches of one of the three "Sweet Gums". The buds are really beginning to swell and are turning a deep red color.

I also came across our patch of "Early Sensation" daffodils. They are already up a good 2-4", although most of the other varieties have yet to poke out of the ground. These should be blooming by mid-February.

It wouldn't be a proper hike around the property without my faithful companion Cleo. She was enjoying the sunny day every bit as much as I was.

Even the indoor cats were loving the unseasonably warm weather. You find the sun where ever you can!

Not everyone was on-board. Tom clearly knows there's still 2 more months until Spring and would kindly like me to quit taking pictures and go away. Kitty hibernation at its best!

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