Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dark Days Challenge - Week #6

After 2 weeks of Holiday madness, I am back with week #6 of the Dark Days Challenge. As I was planning out the Christmas meals, I realized that my traditional Christmas breakfast would adapt perfectly to the Challenge. Each year I make a breakfast strata for us to enjoy. It is hearty and comforting, yet isn't so filling that you aren't ready to indulge in the main Christmas dinner hours later. I especially like that this is assembled the day before, so on Christmas morning the cook just has to pop it in the oven and isn't in the kitchen missing out on any fun with the rest of the family. I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday Season and that 2010 is filled with peace, joy and many local, delicious meals.

-Breakfast Sausage - 3 Miles/Sweet Briar Farm
-Eggs - 3 Miles/Sweet Briar Farms
-Wheat Bread - 27 Miles/Cottage Grove Farmhouse Bakery
-Milk - 13 Miles/Lochmead Dairy
-Cheddar Cheese - 102 Miles/Tillamook Creamery
-Swiss Cheese - 102 Miles/Tillamook Creamery

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Lauren said...

All of a sudden I am hearing about strata everywhere! I'm intrigued. Do you have a preferred recipe?