Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall 2009

Today I went on a walk to enjoy the remaining Fall show. Last year, this weekend was the peak of color. This year I would say most trees peaked two weeks ago and many have completely lost their leaves. There are a few exceptions though. One is the above native tree. It is about 2/3rds changed in color and looks beautiful right now. It is the one tree on our property that turns orange in the Fall.

The crab apple that I gave Mom for Mother's day lost all of its leaves this week. It had turned a beautiful shade of red but the show didn't last very long. The next thing I knew it was completely bare with the exception of its lovely red berries. It will be interesting to see if the birds snack on them.

No walk is complete without a buddy to go along with you. Cleo enjoys tromping around the property as much as I do. She particularly likes all the paths that I have mown the last 3 weeks.

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diane said...

Oh thanks for the shot of the cranberry vendor at the Farmers Market! Now I have to go through cranberry cravings. The best we get down here is Knudsen's Just Cranberry. *rats*